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How It Works

In order to help you gain an understanding of our processes, we have provided an explanation for having a farm animal processed and for having wild game processed.  If you have any further questions regarding our processes, please feel free to contact us.

Custom Processing Farm Animals

We take pride in being able to offer a variety of options for processing your animal.  Whether it be for yourself or for one of your customers, we are happy to cut your animal to your liking.  In order to get your animal processed efficiently, we provide an outline below of how the process works and how you can be prepared for your processing experience.

Step 1: Scheduling your animal

The first step to getting your animal processed is scheduling your animal. During certain times of the year, the schedule can be full several weeks in advance; therefore, we suggest scheduling 3 weeks ahead of your desired drop-off date to ensure that we can meet your deadlines.  

Step 2: Dropping your animal off and placing your order

Once your scheduled date has arrived, you can drop your animal off at anytime during our hours of operation.  Our facility offers easy access for trucks and trailers to minimize difficulties that may occur in dropping your animal off.  At the time of drop off, a member of our team will help log your animal into our system.  We will ask for your name and phone number along with the names and numbers of those that will be describing how the animal will be cut.  We will proceed to contact those placing the orders for the animal within the first few days following the drop-off date for their order.


Step 3: We process your animal

Once the animal has been dropped off and an order is received, your animal will be processed.  Every animal is tagged with a unique identifier in order to make sure that you receive your animal back. Throughout the entire process, an identifier is kept with the meat until the meat leaves our premises.

Step 4: Pick-up your processed meat

After your animal has been processed, the meat will be packaged and placed in the freezer in brown paper bags.  We will call the contact person for the meat and let them know that the meat is ready for pick-up.  Upon your arrival, a bill will be available and a member of our team will help you bring the meat to your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding our process, please feel free to contact us 

Customer Processing How To

Processing Wild Game

With more than 25 years of experience in processing wild game, we have developed a process to help ensure you that you receive your own animal back*.  We know how important it is to you to receive your own meat back and have made it our goal to establish a process that ensures that we meet your every need.  We have detailed our process and provided a few tips for deer season below to help you prepare for your processing experience.

Our Process:
We are open to processing wild game all year long during our hours of operation. Once you have harvested your game, we encourage that you drop the animal off as soon as possible to prevent the meat from spoiling. Upon arriving at our facility, a member of our team will log the license number of your tag into our system along with your order.  Your tag will then stay with your animal throughout its time at our facility and will be placed in your bag after being packaged. Once your meat has been processed, it will be placed in brown paper bags and stored in the freezer. Once you arrive, a member of our staff will provide you with your bill and meat packaged in brown paper bags.

Deer Season Tips for an Expedient Experience:
In order to help you get in and out as quick as possible, we have provided a few tips that will help make your experience as quick as possible.

Tagging Your Deer: When tagging your deer, we advise you to wrap your tag around a string or zip-tie. Then, make a slit in the hind hock and use the string/zip-tie to attach the tag around the hind hock. It is important that the tag is flat so we can see the barcode. It is also helpful if the tag is not placed on the antlers.

Reviewing the Price List: We encourage you to review the price list to determine what sausages and smoke meats you would like.  This helps speed-up the time it takes to place your order.

Logistics While Dropping Off: When dropping your deer off, we encourage you to stay in your vehicle and remain in line until a vacant spot is available. Once a vacant spot appears, we encourage that you back into the open spot and then pull your deer out of your vehicle. This helps move the process along quickly.

If you have any questions regarding our process, please feel free to contact us.

*In order to allow for customers to order products in smaller quantities and at a reasonable price, smoke meats and bratwursts may be processed in batches. We ensure that all meat incorporated in these batches are of the highest quality to meet our high quality standards. 

Processing Wild Game How To
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